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an A.D.M.S. is an automated decision making system, characterized by it's ability to handle any and all decisions required of the person employing the ADMS. There are many types of ADMS, subcategorized as internal and external, meaning that some originate or stem with the person who is enlisting them to help make their decisions for them, and others stem with the outside world, and

however, all ADMS are, necessarily, mysterious in origin, in that it is unclear whether they are random, or whether they posess some sense of order, and are therefore implied to be useful. A key characteristic of the ADMS is the permanent doubt about whether it is on the one hand potentially completely random, or whether on the other hand, it bears some relationship and or knowledge to the surrounding situation and what is going on in it.

one way to categorize an ADMS is to say that it is just another feature of O.C.D., however, there is speculation that is not necessarily in all cases the case. (see: #is A.D.M.S. just O.C.D.?)

is A.D.M.S. just O.C.D.? Edit


competitive decision making systems Edit

at times if two of these systems are in place, they can seem to compete with each other, making it hard or nearly impossible to decide which course of action to take

competitive decision making system as a way out Edit

it seems, sometimes, that the to put two decision making systems in so much direct opposition to each other that the only way out is to ignore both of them[1]

  1. !

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