ART or "abstract referral technology" is the name of a book that I am in the middle of writing, and in fact which I have been writing since I was about seventeen. It has become such an important part of my life that I quite school to spend more time working on it, because I found that I was devoting not only all of my free time to (working on the project), but also some of the time that I spent in classes, and also some of the time I spent with friends, as I would notice or witness a certain particular concept being exemplified in a situation and I would then deem it necessary to forgo any mental involvement in the current situation, in lieu of a sort of mechanical response to anything that transpired in the [world outside of my mind], as I devoted all of my mental energy to consider the concept I had just begun approaching, allowing me to develop it even in the midst of other activities, sometimes to such an extent that I considered myself to having written pages of an imaginary textbook that I was making up in my mind.

history (of the project) Edit

for a while i was not exactly working on it but "researching it" and during that time i was not exactly researching it but "researching it against my will" (see: ADMS)🚦[1]

other formats i considered Edit

little golden book series Edit

pros: succesfully represents[2] the following analogical relationship between the concepts that are to be presented in this series in that they are numerous

numerous - there are lots of little books in this series

little - this is a bit bigger than i considered in the past - the dimensions are approximately 5x7, which realistically is a better size since it would let me get more information into the picture without necessarily demonstrating an increased significance[3]

previously represented: already exists as a series. is famous and people are likely to know about it

kid connotation

gold (therefore they would already be affiliated with things we consider sacred


cons: pragmatic (time-consuming)

note that i am

  1. progression (three)
  2. is analogically related to (see the page on analogical relation to find out more about this)
  3. I endeavor to make something which is directly contradictory to the concepts which i am interested in portraying, therefore, having them appear insignificant on multiple levels to find out more about this "goal" of art projects/qualification, go to the section on paradox

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