Absurdity is a type of humor which is generally associated with things that do not make sense or else come from nowhere...common references to absurdity are Airplane and Monty Python and the Holy Grail which employ absurdity in varying styles. Certain people seem particularly drawn to absurdity as a style of humor, if that is a component of their particular brain bent. Specifically of people that I know, susan ryza, james mitchell, Alex Neuman, and Josiah Woltersdorf, are specifically interested in the absurdist humor dynamic, however, there are different styles of this kind of humor and each of them has a unique twist to it, and can be associated with a different brain bent, and perhaps a different motive behind their absurdist tendencies. I cannot stress enough the possibility that these differences between the tile and stype of different kinds of humor, including or especially, absurdist humor, are not superficial, but indeed, instead central.

IMG 0864

an example of an absurd meme, however in actuality this meme is not unrelated to anything since it is from an example of a meme that i originally thought was absurd, but now realize makes sense in the context of the show Bojack Horseman.

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