part of an "elite", core group of friends at Washington University in St. Louis, also including mary bishop, chelsea velaga, jime gracia, catalina ouyang, sam leder, and to a lesser extent, Isaac Howell. I also went on some adventures with her outside the context of the institution, such as when we shot footage on black friday, or when she took me to visit dif ferent colleges, that I ended up transferring to.

we were also known for having sort of weird "pretend" fights, in which neither of us could necessarily identify what was wrong, or what we were mad at in each other...for example, in one of these fights I told her one of my project ideas and she was not excited, and also chewing loudly, both of which caused me to be indirectly annoyed but not be able to pinpoint the source or tell her why (perhaps i assumed there was a larger source). We at one point discussed this phemona in a light mood, without it changing in the future. We simply acknowledged it.

We also co-authored a project called the "little man project" which we presented at a group of wilderness project peeps who we didn't know very well. the powerpoint had been designed together on my computer direclty before the event and we faced obstacles such as people throwing stuff that was in our path.

i made friends with her when we were both on wilderness project. i remember being sort of miserable thinking there was absolutely no one that i liked or could get along with, until we met at night under a tent because it was raining and had a lot in common, such as that we liked art and crosscountry, and then became friends from there...we had lots of talks and also talked about going on a naked road trip together with charlie when we were supposed to go on it in the first place and we were the ones that wanted to make it naked, similar to charlie and i wanting to be naked together but not ever actually getting the chance (even when we travelled to mexico together and slept in the same bed for 5 days straight without talking to anyone else who spoke english very well). (see also: times when i almost did something but actually never did end up doing it.)

she is best known for her ability to describe social dynamics in a matter of fact way, a quality which she does not entirely take credit for, or seem excited by identifying as...

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