the art mindset...and stems from the book "darwing ion the right side of your ba

where she describes how to see things from the

so that you begin to see things abstractly. you do a certain number of exercises that dissociate the content from what it means (see: "seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees") (book by [Robert Paulson] that my grandma read)...

this translates into

this combined with

in my senior thesis art project, I tried to show how things in the world could be converted to the art mindset just by looking at them differently and not necessarily sitting down in drawing, and so I put paintings around the school and encouraged people (in the official version there is a map which leads people around the school, however in the final version of the piece I was never able to do that) to "try and see the scene as art"[1]. I also wrote about this phenomenon in one of my college essays which I did not end up sending to anyone. Apparently I experienced an example of this moment once when I was in a parking structure, although I now do not remember the specific incident.

everything is a metaphor for itself is sort of the beginning, and this is also related to seeing ordinary things as extraordinary which Charlie detailed to me in one brief conversation. Conor and Charlie would not allow me to make this statment, claiming that it was "too philosophical"[2] and not easily understood.

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