I originally proposed this to Conor as the title for the book I was writing about my internship, to which he replied that I was giving away too much. (so I changed it to "Art as Invention"), however this came to be the title of another book that I ended up writing, which detailed a list of seemingly already completed art projects, some of which I came up with while in Spain, others that I came up with later, such as the one about all the cardboard boxes which people have to crawl through and (this is categorized as a "metaphorical project").

I absolutely agreed with Conor's assessment of the idea, and there is perhaps a twinge of guilt whenever I work on this project, however, I understand that it has come to serve a different purpose and therefore have a different place in his mind, and I will hopefully garner his approval, if I ever explain this to him, by him thinking that in fact it is a different project that needs to be done in a different way

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