I'm starting to think that my boyfriends have all been somewhat autistic, specifically: Siddhartha, Thomas, and Christopher, and then to some separate extent, Charlie Smith, Michael, Josiah, and Jake are too, as well as a number of (boys) I've associated and/or interacted with.

My brother once came to me on the phone and told me that he thought he might be somewhat autistic. It absolutely shocked me and I didn't believe him at first (I remember I was in Bear's Den at the time, compiling items for a salad, and I sort of entered into it without necessarily fully thinking about it...

history Edit

Why haven't we considered the possibility that we are simply continuing to evolve towards what is helpful in our particular surroundings? Isn't it true that people who've attained math or science jobs which require a high level of highly skilled learning or training and even a special obsession with a particular subject, leading to an expertise or mastering of said subject gain the most money and are the most benefitted by society nowadays. On the other hand, human connection is no longer valued to the extent that it was fifty years ago.

autism on purpose Edit

autism as a metaphor Edit

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