Becky was my childhood friend in preschool. We remained freinds for a about until we were five, and then went to separate elementary schools and lost touch. However, she eventually transferred into my high school and so ensued a relationship similar to a friendship but perhaps not entirely the same as.

We sat next to each other in the same core class

S.E.S. Edit

Sandy used to say that she belonged to something called the S.E.S., or the secret evil society. I know this because I wrote it in my diary, and also remember saying it. He said this because she did a number of things that could consistently be considered evil, characterized by a certain reckless ignorance of the potential consequences of the situation, or apathy in that regard. Such events include the bathroom incident, trying to force me down the laundry chute, and in general a sort of sneaky or malignant affect, the persistent (quality) that followed her around - a sort of sneaky or malignant thing that caused myself and him to be suspicious of him.

she was one of my best friends and i considered her special and importnat to me, in fact, I still have her number memorized from when she was younger

her house was special to me also I rememeber one year she was celebrating christmas and I wasn't allowed to, and she had this giant christmas tree set up in the middle of the living room that i lived to just go by and be near because it made me feel so special to stand near it or under it and wonder about the generous surprises that probably awaited anyone who it related to.

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