history Edit

this was begun in Steve Lux's physics class, when i noticed that concepts were connected in a certain way. I then explained the phenomenon to Josh Potash, a fellow student at Washington University in St. Louis, who somehow understood what I was talking about, and we decided to a project where we would work on it together. He came to my dormitory room on two occasions, once I remember we spent most of the time spreading notecards I had made previously on the floor, and trying to figure out about paradoxes and things like that, but there were a ton of discrepencies in how we conceputalized it and it was difficult to work around them, however there was much excitement thinking about how the mind might be working, and the possibility that we were actually onto somehting.. i brought it up to him again, once recently, and...

the second time we worked on it together, i told him about certain ideas i had and showed him a powerpoint, and he told me i had an ''exceptionally fertile mind,'' which, by coincidence, another of my professors, Thomas Sattig, had told me the day before. (so I was convinced). However, I must have not involved him enough, because he didn't work on it again...or because i never asked him, there was also a fiasco about my thinking it was a big deal that i had not invited him...or something like that...i do not fully remember...

a bit later i sent my brother another powerpoint i had been working on, which had a diagram in which it said "concepts, more complicated concepts, most complicated concepts" on each of the levels of a pyramid, and after he saw that he hung it up in his bathroom for he and his friends to make fun of on multiple occasions.

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