although almost no teachers get their own pages, he deserves one because a) he is a candidate for an ambiguous relationship, and b) his teaching style was the catalyst for a lot of the ways that I have started thinking now. in other respects he counts somewhat as a friend, and I spent a lot of time with him.

conor was my art teacher in high school. i also had an internship with him. i also made a strange article for him.

now he is getting a degree at uc irvine and has a wife cally or perhaps graduated.

his art class Edit

philosophy Edit

rubber band theory Edit

ongoing assignments Edit


red card assignment Edit

for this assignment we were instructed to purposely thwart an assignment he had picked out for us, and ignore it in favor of another assignment which we assigned ourselves. I forgot about this assignment until he pointed out to me that I had already done it.

8x8 assignment Edit

linear curriculum Edit

assignment one: Edit

instructions: set up a still life out of materials you find [in the dumpsters behind the other arts building]. Then take a picture of it, then paint that picture (on a large piece of white paper, making a frame for the painting to be the same size as the original picture[1])


analysis: this is an example of the concept of translation, which is primarily used in the arts field and might be considered an art concept.


to conor: the world is a spinning plate

our relationship

his romantic interests

conflict (real and imaginary)Edit

"I wasn't being sarcastic" Edit

when he apologized for saying he hated radio head and wilco three days later Edit

#what? #that was sweet?

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