Note that this term fits into the category of a special usage term, meaning that it means something special when I use it that it might not mean in a general sense, or if someone else were to use it. This article is more about my relationship with the term than the origninal/intended usage of the term. For the original/intended usage of the term, visit: Counterintuitive.

this idea was first emphasized by Michael the time that we stayed up all night and talked in front of that vegan food truck, in the context of him saying that he felt counter-intuitive was an indicator that that thing would be "extra interesting," or allude to a certain quality that was interesting for a particular reason or in a certain way. He cited the examples of various scientific theories that worked according to that principle which I can't remember now (Michael please edit this)."

he felt that the fact of something "being" counter-intuitive was an indicator that that thing would be interesting. This is similar to Doug stating his idea that anything consistent with itself was valid, or stated differently, that consistently proved validity. This is also similar to my postulate: consistency consistently refers to referral, which I came up with while I was still at Wesleyan and thought that it was fairly clever.

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