Cranial blindspots
Cranial blindspots (1)

there are certain “blind spots” in the human brain which cause us not to function as well as we possibly could, because we are failures at thinking things out. these blind spots i think in larger part are caused by tricks that we taught ourselves to do things more quickly. show us a few characteristics of any entity and we will be able to identify it 99 percent of the time. The resulting remainder is of course the center of the blind spot

the example of this is: often we say, well, if you list all of the things, i don't need all of them to know what you are talking about. this accounts for most situations, but not all of them as sometimes we cannot generalize. we did this overtime for a lot of things and now we are left with this place of strange unworship[1].

for example, we said: “art is all subjective” because we could not understand the particular points of view for particular variable different things

and we said “it doesn’t make sense to categorize or stereotype things, because there are a lot of examples where we are not right. While these two statements may be practically true, it is also true that they are not true in practice. Note also that the examples are opposites - that one is supposedly pro-categorization and the other is supposedly anti-categorization

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