this page does exist, I promise, however you will need to show that you are worthy before you can view it.

things that we want versus things that we need can be [switched].

god is picking us up by our purposes. if it is not god, then it is simply biology. let us override what our silly desires are, we say to ourselves. Sort of like that ascetic in siddhartha - but for a different purpose - not to reach enlightenment, only to perform the best that we can on our way to achieving survival and all of its supposed children - comfort, ease, freedom from boredom, joy. these desires are silly we say to ourselves. there is no reason to have chocolate now, there is no reason to do cocaine - i am being bad and i need to stop it - as soon as possible, as much as i can. but what we don't realize is that god puts things in our path so we can use them, that we can use. We can think of that in the following way, since surely it is hard to come to terms with the idea that there is an external force putting things in our path that we are meant to use, creating stuff for us, just so that we can...

cut these strings, and only have one coming from our head. in fact it is the opposite. now we control the rest of our body and it is for this purpose. but since we are and have become aware of the way that the purposes work, it is with awareness. this is the same concept that we accessed through the crown in specialness - an ungrounded "extraness" which is cemented only in itself. However, this is not nothing, this is the exact opposite of nothing. In fact this is the most something of somethings because it is only something and never actually becomes something else. This is a something in particular that becomes general etc.

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