this is an example of a concept.

End of the line cocaine

metaphor/how to understand it in different contexts

a metaphor for the end of the line is a caboose. Cabooses are different than the other parts of the train, like the...a) they are shaped differently and b) they have a different function. However they are still considered part of the train, but they do not function in the same way, (for a variety of reasons).

qualifications Edit

function Edit

qualifications and responsibilities (which means like, you are a parent volunteer and that means at the pta meetings you have to bring cookies. In order to be a parent volunteer, you must be a parent and decide to volunteer, and if you are both of these things, then you have to bring cookies.

in order for something to be considered end of the line it must...and for this to be the case it implies that it has

examples of/where you will find it..

hyou will find end of the line

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