experience one:

that thing that jake said about it, and how he was delighted, and then how he began to mimic the style that i was doing but, unaware of the substance or that there was one, botch that and do sometging with a sort of opposite purpose to the one that i had (mine was to expand society outward, his to expand it forward)(his in depth, mine in breath)

experience two:

and also the same thing happened with thomas, when we were on that trip and he begun interpreting my strange manner of speaking which i had developed in which i agreed or disagreed effectively randomly, in respect to whether he nodded or shook his head when he was speaking. However, he reinterpreted my gestures as a way of communicating a #correction to his words, which was a strange take in the first place and then became incredibly annoying when i now became unable to communicate anything to him which had an actual meaning because he misinterpreted it as a correction in style but not substance of what he was saying.

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