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Extended joke

This article deals with two (concepts): Extension and Art and therefore is said to be a compound concept.

an extended art piece is one that is said to go beyond that one particular

what is interesting about this is the inevitability that someone will not see it as an art piece, walking that thin tight rope between art and life and what is considered art is what is not.

This is different than an art piece that might, for some reason, go beyond a certain said thing, that said thing being - the confines of the only particular situation that it was germinated in (for example, the art piece i made about andrew, in which i put little poker chips with his head on them into a special little container. I then showed this piece, and therefore extended it into the real world, in that i began to do this, or at least intended to do this with all sorts of other people that i knew or was in some way obsessed with...

examples of extended art pieces Edit

UUUM (Useless Unsuccessful and/or Unpopular Memes) Edit

UUUM is a an exceptionally popular group on facebook, whose goal is to provide a space for members to show case their absolutely ridiculous, horrifyingly absurd memes that they have made themselves...there is a lot of talk about whether the memes are original - hence the (common) accusation "jacked!" and a lot of the comments stem around the original joke of the cite - that the memes are supposed to be (etc), and that, by becoming either useful, popular, or successful, they ...etc.

(insrt pieceture of comments that say either jacked or "too useful, too popular etc.)

self-referential or meta humor

picture of the meme that i posted which got exactly the right number of likes

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