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poorlydrawnlines, in particular, is a fan of this sort of extended logic, i.e. logic that continues past the point of it's first introduction (see: obligatory patterns)(the opposite of ops), presumably for the purposes of "verifying" that it was no accident [^].

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two examples of this by the web comic artist (insert name here). in one both the unmet expectation comes in the form of a lack of a punchline. rather, instead of a punchline, the artist chooses to simply keep going with their original statement, thwarting our expectations, while simultaneously emphasizing their original point in one example, the artist is providing a list of examples (of...), but in the last panel, rather than continuing the example, he...setting up another concept with the panel before it, which engages in (confusing disconfirmation of AP) (see: patterns: confusing disconfirmation of ap). in the second example, he sets up the expectation that he will eventually add some sense to the comic, or sets up the expectation that the cat eventually needs to feel better, however this expectation is left hanging as he never goes back to the concept, resolving instead to simply continue the thing that he had started to begin with and, in the third and final example, (artist) presents the idea that butterflies ..which sets up the expectation that (we will eventually be made to feel better about it..) in the other examples, see if you can identify the unmet expectation reality: expectation:

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