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something that me and doug both thought was funny was thinking about weird things to do during sex

humor styles is a very important concept to me recently, in fact, as mommy pointed out: "why is it so important to you?"

that picture of the picture of the ceiling fan///why is it so funny

daddy said it might be evil to try to explain something. I thought it would be funny to make a project which is involved with having someone explain memes to people, because it is so counter to the point, and at the same time, central to it, because it is a purpose misinterpretation of something that somebody said, in order to point out a) ways it could be misinterpreted and b) to emphasize what it actually means.

Once I endeavored to do a project, at nautchaug, where I separated in order to then categorize, certain special types or kinds of humor that I found in a big collection of the new yorker magazine comics, in this case by actually physically cutting them up and therefore removing them from the pages of their oversized book.

[[A.D.M.S. (automated decision making system)#is A.D.M.S. just O.C.D.?]]

A.D.M.S. (automated decision making system)#is A.D.M.S. just O.C.D.?

the unmet expectation Edit

IMG 8404

in this example, the implication and therefore expectation is that the guy is not hoping to buy oregano, when in fact, if you refer to the piece of text below the title heading text, you will find that he wishes to buy oregano, because of the fact that he is we are left saying to ourselves "the meme creator tricked me into believing that the guy actually intended to buy weed!" rightness factor (analysis): the extra text, such as the part where there is an expression and then under it it turns out to be a smiley face helps to cement the context of the drug culture to which the meme creator is referring, making it even more surprising to find out that he is actually only interested in making pizza. krusoe-esque observations aka jimservations, aka smart alec considerations: "wouldn't oregano be really expensive to buy that way - wouldn't it be cheaper just to purchase some at your local drug store supermarket? place of business that might sell stuff similar to this (herbs) (why have i never thought of where you would sell herbs before...?)" (actually, 25 dollars for a whole bag of oregano doesn't seem that expensive, although you might want to get it pre-ground, unless you are one of those super weird health nuts who don't think grinding food is good for it, like it takes out the nutrients or something (ahem, right mommy? is that right?) simmy starlil: "why is he so happy (about this deal)?! lol" references: in order to understand this meme, you need to know that people sometimes pass of non drug substances which look similar yet are different, passing them off as the drug which is in the (topic) of drug culture

the unmet expectation (to definitely be confused with[1] "the uncarved block,") the unmet expectation refers to a native concept (concept that is native to this subject and or slash discipline) which implies the philosophy that something becomes funny based on the fact that, or when it introduces an expectation but does not meet it.

when and how does something introduce an expectation Edit

ways that it can not be met Edit


ridiculous Edit

IMG 0496

an example of something ridiculous that someone shared on facebook: women who have used their hair to make beards. Obviously this is not a serious article, though it is presented as one. It gains traction by the fact that it states the motivation of "making men envious" to justify being shown at all. This adds validity to the story by making it more believable. note how many people are also talking about this.

absurd Edit

silly Edit

siddhartha seemed to discover that i was silly when I stuck the plastic baby bottle with rainbow-colored sprinkles and pretended to suck from it. It was an accusation
IMG 1360 (1)

in this picture, the guy comes off as insane by saying that his girlfriend is a potted plant. In addition there are some other kinds of humor at play here that can be found in a reference at the bottom

insane humor Edit

implying, through words, thoughts, actions or ideas, that you are "insane" that is, mentally unsound, and by that right, incapable of making safe or healthy decisions for yourself or others. for example: saying: "listen carefully to the words of this song," when you have never heard the song before.

similar to insane humor is humor which suggests that a person supposedly in a high up professional occupation is actually secretly really childish, and therefore takes down the idea that people in these high up positions are necessarily in the esteemed position of authority that people think they are.

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[logical] humor Edit

Siddhartha used to come to my house, sit in my living room, and tell me "jokes" that he was making up or trying to figure out on the spot. These jokes were all of the same type, for example, he would say something like

, and wait for me to say an answer that he liked, in which case he would then state...

ridiculous/absurd/silly implication Edit

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in this example, a reality is implied in which people somehow have jobs that other people thought were by accident

often something that can be implied is ridiculous, silly, or absured. For example, in this picture, there are two carrots replaces as batteries in a remote control and the caption reads "vegans smh," as though this were a stereotype that vegans are known for, when in fact this makes no sense and is in incongruous with "vegan tendencies." Another example of this is...

nonsensical Edit

illogical Edit

often siddhartha used to tell me jokes that he was trying to figure out. he was trying to perfect the concept of an unmet expectation...

Cause this wouldn't actually happen -notarealstereotype

often something that can be implied is ridiculous, silly, or absured. For example, in this picture, there are two carrots replaces as batteries in a remote control and the caption reads "vegans smh," as though this were a stereotype that vegans are known for, when in fact this makes no sense and is in incongruous with "vegan tendencies."

modified reference Edit

format humorEdit

IMG 8472

this refers to a special kind of humor in which the formula is manipulated by inserting incongruous pieces of information into it, sort like how a lego pipe might become gross after trying to smoke weed out of it[2]

Often simply by replacing a common format with something that doesn't quite fit into it, we arrive at a humorous situation.

incompatible emotion Edit

Incongruous emotions
IMG 1188

seemingly incongruous emotional reaction (causing us to imagine

special kinds of jokes Edit

jokes that go too far (or perhaps just far enough) Edit

this concept is art, examples can be art, however having it be in this category doesn't guarantee that the thing has to be art (see: yes, yes no aka (check check)x)

IMG 8424

insane[3] humor Edit

insane is not a particular type of humor but it is a categorization but it is a (designation) for some examples. (Something) that is termed or designated "insane" refers to something that is such a good example of any type of humor that it no longer fits into that category. The term insane can be said to trump any other designations that an instance of humor might in other situations be categorized as. An example of this is this image of a microwave that has been turned into a mailbox.

general categories: humor that causes you to imagine (something) (either something, silly, ridiculous, absurd, etc.)

  1. examples of thwarting expectations or modifying a reference. for more examples of this, see: (sagepedia: meta). for unmet expectations, see: "this section") which by "coincidence" is the section you were already in (go back to bed, boy)
  2. this happened when i lived at matt's house
  3. this term originates from charlie referring to things as insane (as in "that's insane" (when someone died or something) (see: things that charlie considers insane) (see: links to pages that do not actually exist), but i have adopted it to refer specifically to humor (perhaps because humor is the only thing i like or need to eat?)

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