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when i was doing conor's internship, i one time approached him in the hallway[1] and discussed the idea with him that i would call my book, (the one i had been writing about the internship) "Art as Awareness" He obtained such an expression of disgust for said concept and told me that i was not to call this book any such thing, and that it would be "giving too much away." eventually i decided to call it "art as invention" after a concept her personally had told me...however, at the time i had no idea what he was disgusted with this for, and had to think about the idea on my own for a time before i came to the conclusion that often the leaving out of information is the secret to making sense. It is what allows us to definitely be required to make connections with these things ourselves. and it is also why i have left out certain parts of this website - why certain pages are blank - why you will have to reach the conclusions that are on them yourself.

2. once daddy told me that something he didn't like about

the interesting part of a reasoning like this is that there can be only one set of things or rules for what should be left out of a text, and that for that reason must necessarily include everything else. If anything is not included "also," then that thing will be a candidate for the thing that is being left out of the text, of which we have already said there can be only one. It will drown out the reasoning and sense of the other one, which is also to be left out, leaving it uncertain, and taking away all the mystery, benefit and power of having one thing (and only one thing) left out of the text[2]

you and i might be strangers however close we met sometimes it's like we never met. and you and i. think we can make it.

and you don't need to know that much about me (you and i, wilco)[3]

not there Edit

  1. that had the banister overlooking that place in the arts building where jennie and i once [stood], [handing out things to ourself] and telling ourselves that we were really only the right ones - were doing the right things for ourselves) talking of nonsense, or non-such degrees of such)
  2. (text referring to anything that can be analyzed or considered a primary source and not something like some kind of analysis. there is much debate about what falls into this category, but suffice it to say that whatever fits into this category applies here.)
  3. you can find the full lyrics to the song here, and the musical version of the song here.

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