Pattern Collector

Star of Paradox

Pattern Collector Edit

picture of the matchboxes and stuff and things like that...

Categorizer Edit

picture of the pill container in my room, also a vertical one, but also the one with the pictures on it

the categorizer is the least developed of the instruments of abstraction, and it was invented atop the bathroom alcove at 248 McKibbin the day after that party happened and I met Henry. I sat atop the structure and alternated my time between fielding questions from Matt and Nathan about the intimate encounter I'd had the night previously, and figuring out how it would work with the egg carton box, since this was the first iteration of the categorizer.

and later transferred it to pill containers.see time at that tum tuh dum shop that one time

I presented it to the coordinator of new students, Micah Sieber, who I once had to tell him I wasn't actually planning to go to...he didn't meet my invention with much enthusiasm, leaving me to wonder whether he indeed understood it, and whether he was really considering me seriously as a candidate for admission considering I had already in the first place rejected them.

I had slept in a common area the night before and had worked on perfecting the weird invention which was a cross between my ideas about the categorizer, and trying to get it to have a (weird and perfect municipal) function for the time being since it wouldn't work for the specific purpose that it was necessary to use it for ordinarily...

he said, sort in a dismissive, almost bored monotone "I get it, it helps you write essays," which was strange as he seemed to be alluding to the fact that it had an obvious function, when in reality I was showing him a circular pill container which held scraps of paper that had pictures of advertised food, including mostly fruit on them, which had been stuffed into the box haphazardly. To consider the function to be obvious was strange and still do not understand what he was thinking at the time.

Star of Paradox Edit

the spoons that they have at the ninety nine cents store

this works by balancing weights, and is a physical manifestation of the conceptual model that things (i.e. personalities, art objects)

history Edit

i came up with this one day, I think I might have slept in someone else's room on Beau one, and the next day I didn't know where my phone was but was supposed to meet that dude in the parking lot. Little did I know that he was actually waiting right outside where I was in the parking lot, and all the while I was trying to retrieve my phone (this is an example of synchronous experiences, specifically failed synchronous experiences aka mistakes). And then, when I went back to my dorm room, I wanted to call him and eventually got in but I couldn't ever reach him and then I felt that it was a real big goal dismissal for me not to have gone, and for that reason I had to write him a letter. Later I determined that he was not considerably worthy of my attention, but the antithesis of that truth would be that the goal would have been a lesson in what kind of thing to appreciate...

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