introduction (to both concepts)/general Edit

Einstein once said that there is nothing larger than human stupidity. What he was meaning, I think, is that humans consistently seemingly disregard, but in fact are ignorant of, the origins of their behvior, and their motivations behind doing stuff. for this reason, their actions often come across as "stupid" to other people who are more aware of what they are doing, or who can see through their intentions.

stupid -> smart Edit

there are three reasons why it might be smart to be stupid and they are as follow

1) actual smartness - in this case you are masking your true knowledge of the subject, feigning stupidity for a particular purpose such as: the socratic method, trying to win in a situation (see: feigning ignorance to innuendo)(this is already a page and just to be found)(or at least discovered of or to see what page it is in or on or between or interested in or between or in like)... this is the artificial version and does not count. unless of course the particular purpose is that there is no particular purpose and in this case it actually is smarter...

2) the topic of the discussion is stupid, and therefore, by refusing to participate

3) feigning stupidity, for the purposes of a joke, might be considered "smart."

this article assumes that intelligence and wisdom are sometimes considered synonymous - that wisdom is a version of intelligence. note that this article promotes a divorce between these two concepts which would "solve" the paradox, at least in our minds...


smart -> stupid Edit

it can be stupid to be smart in the following situations

if you are being a smart alec, and that doesn't get you anywhere, especially in a conversation with girls. If you continually interpret what people are saying literally, demonstrating that you are aware of other meanings of the same words

however, in social situations, this type of behavior/joke can become actually annoying, rather than a funny addition to an otherwise stifling conversation, especially if it diverts or makes impossible the actual continuing of the conversation. However, this is not to be confused with instances when being a smart alec is ....., which is on another level[1]

implied definition:[2]

this version of the concept gives the definition for smart as: "capable of being successful at fulfilling their biological purposes/desires.

  1. points up
  2. im not sure what will go here yet

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