this article exists because it fits into the category of being counter-intuitive. For whatever reason, the expected norm seems to be that longer and less frequent conversation would be preferential over shorter and more frequent ones, considering the time it sometimes takes to coordinate a telephone call, however two examples offer an alternative perspective. The first being my correspondence with grandma and the second with my brother. On multiple occasions I've been surprised when my grandmother attempts to "kick me off" the phone what I would consider to be prematurely, considering how much effort she has expended to get me on the phone in the first place, and how delighted she seemed to be when I first got on the phone. The same is true for my brother. Although he attempts to call me often, when he does get ahold of me, he prefers to only talk for a short period of time, seeming to get antsy if we start to stay on the phone for a while and eventually, inevitably asking if we can draw the conversation to a close.

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