Perhaps the title of this page is a little too elegant and not clunky enough and therefore should be changed..

as always, this page is related to the concept of counterintuitivity.

  1. this is also one of the qualifications neigh definitions, of art as a consistent theory and practice...

the idea behind this, and do not forget that this concept is intricately connected/related to the plastic bag concept, in which everything gets "awared" and made into a thing that is being made aware of...

a metaphor for this concept is the following: when you turn something inside out.. (there should be a separate template for metaphors)

Packaged fruits and vegetables: any sort of wrapper or package on fruits and vegetables is a huge waste! These items have their own natural, protective skins.

Apple iPhones and iPods: Although the boxes tend to be small, in each product there are tons of unnecessary pieces of plastic around each little component in the box.

Crest White Strips: Not only are these teeth-whitening strips packaged inside a non-recyclable plastic container, each of the 40 strips inside is also individually wrapped in aluminum. "Using two separate levels of packaging is a common part of the packaging problem."

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