jeff koons with the abstract concept in his paradox, choosing concepts which contradict each other directly, but perhaps in no meaningful way (as he says: "you are not supposed to read anything into his work")[1]

Rather than necessarily having a particular point or...he is "an artist's artist," or a "meta-artist" - someone who deals with a concept that is only related to art and therefore how our brain works. It seems reasonable to assume that he doesn't have any particular intellectual[2] agenda[3]

Spl2 sm

three artworks by jeff koons. these artworks can be said to function as "paradox providers" or else even "neuroscience research" also there is the one of the dog made into a giant flower (bush) that sits outside like buckingam palace or something which my teacher really liked, his explanation being "come on, dogs are cute, you can't deny that dogs are cute" (see: counterintuivitely valid explanations)

File:Mih7 sm.jpg
Eth12 sm
  1. chris and i were talking about this statement and i was trying to explain it to him, or how it made sense, or how it was going to work...the room was hot and stuff/i felt suffocated trying to explain it to him in the brevity that would be necessary to fulfill the following qualifications: 1) 2) 3)
  2. perhaps this should be changed to artistic. anyone know why/have an argument for or why not?
  3. because a) he used to be a real estate broker and b) he basically has a company where he "manufactures" artwork. for these reasons we can make an educated guess that he is mainly self interested, and that interest is in money. two other reasons are: ben worked for him and said he was a prick and had him make furniture for his house rather than helping him with any specifically artistic projects, which is what Ben signed up to do, and 4) he seems really smug and self-satisfied in all of the youtube videos from Art21 that I've watched about him.

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