Kiernan "Kern" O'Connor, (born March 1992), KerntUp Unikern is a male I once dated for a slightly extended period of time in which I pretty much stayed at his house the whole time, going out occasionally to grab a bite for dinner or to purchase alcohol from the store, but staying inside his bedroom, and mostly in his bed, while he was obligated to go to work for his living.

Character Traits and Observations Edit

Kern has been shown to be, at times extremely sensitive and at other times on the side of mean, rude, or nasty.

Gender Identity and Sexual Preferences Edit

He stated that he pretty much stays away from BDSM, except for one time when his first sexual partner, who was older than him and seemed to take the reigns, dominated him by choking him. He stated, in regards to that situation, that it is often the first people you hook up with who set the precedent for your entire sexual "career," leaving me to wonder how I might have been affected by people who I'd had sex with in the past, whether it was a positive or negative affect, and eventually whether or not I felt the same way about my sexual preferences being set by one person early on.

He also demonstrated what I considered to be a surprisingly low sex-drive considering the fact that I slept in his bed for a number of days before he even tried to make a move on me, and even then, he expressed/complained that it was, though he had done the moving, my idea. However, my understanding of his sexual preferences changed somewhat dramatically on the last occasion that we hung out in which he attempted, unsuccessfully, to put his penis into my butt hole. My opinion was changed not only because of his attempt, but also because of his lack of communication about it, before and afterwards, leading me to believe that his motivations might have been somewhat malignant, and his strategy in some part manipulative.

Kern identifies as a male but seems to be on the somewhat feminine side of being male. However, he has some specifically male interests, such as his interest in sports such as disc-golf and curling(?), as well as drinking excessively. However, he has stated in the past that if it were possible, he would date his best friend Eric, and that, in his ideal relationship, he would date a girl who would treat him like a girl while she would figuratively wear the pants in the relationship, and presumably would be somewhat dominant and overpowering, doing the things that a boy normally does in a relationship while leaving him to do the things that a girl normally would. (this is called a reverse gender-roles relationship and was also suggested in the past by Matthew Weisberg as being the preferred way of interacting with the opposite sex).

He also professed a preference for my wearing ostensibly male clothing, such as the leather jacket he picked for me at the bins, and members of his extensive hat collection, to which he stated that I looked "so hot." My theory for why he might have suddenly become a slightly more sexual being is that he might have been hiding it before as, when prompted, he recited that I had a bodacious booty, ostensibly pointing to the fact that he felt inhibited about expressing his sexual feelings.

Kern's Opinions Edit

On many occasions, Kern expressed opnions that were not unlike my own, but showed a diminished complexity, as well as a potential lack of context or rhetoric for which to speak of them. In terms of my involvement in the situation, I encouraged him to share his opinions on a few occasions a) because I thought it was cute and b) because I was interested in understanding in part how he thought because I wanted to know so I could get to know him better, and also to know the opinions of someone who wasn't necessarily of middle or upper class intellectual upbringing (I characterize this as relating to my interest in how plebeians categorize things, with the intention of finding out whether there might be something intrinsically superior about an undeveloped, contextualized version of the same or similar point of view of someone who is higher up in terms of education. Barring these aforementioned interests, after our relationship came to a close, these incidents of him sharing his opinions shed some light on his mental framework for the situation.

problems with our relationship Edit

I realized it was that he just didn't think I was funny enough

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