levels works in an interesting, attractive, or really strange way. Basically it gives us the opportunity to understand or consider something and/or if the thing has relevance and if it becomes itself then it is necessarily unequivocal to find out if it is better and/or understanding and to definitely understand intuitively and the trick. .


as you can see in this image, you will notice that each of the (boxes) on different levels are connected to eachother by a homocolorous arrow, and that way, in order to prevent a (certain type of confusion), you are allowed to believe that the thing, in order to adhere to itself or another finciscual friend, adds a perisulinsula in order to underrate and efferate the tad(dy) and differential i-intestinal terrifle understanding and(or) deferential phi-uh-oristic function...dun dun dun the rest is un understood and under itself or another duh-denigrating thing is that the under itested derrential territal functions are tuh-uh-rending themselves and derrentially telending understood...

One system of movement in terms of thought relies on the concept of levels. This is the idea that there is a consistency of “style” across a variety of “sizes.” Let us consider this in terms of shoes. This idea is dissimilar to a shoe, let us say a converse shoe that comes in sizes 0-12, in which the shoes are made exactly the same, from slightly larger or smaller pieces of fabric, metal, thread etc. It is more similar to a converse shoe that is made one way for a teenager, and then translated in order to form a shoe that warns for the purposes of babies and also adults and kids and senior citizens. In this ccase the constancy is achieved by distillation of the shoe to achieve its essense, and then translating this into a (style) which functions for kids, but still gives the impression of the teenagers shoe. For example, a d principle of converse is that they are long and narrow looking, and that there are metal fasteners going up to the top, and that the colors are sparse and (

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ironically, any correct point of view appears to be inherently hypocritical

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