basically, i don't want this to be an art piece. if i wanted it to be an art piece, then i would basically provide you with examples from both sides and then leave it up to you and your mind to figure out how to see through them - to assign you the work of re-categorizing it all. that would immediately categorize this page as an art piece. But I don't think this browser will fit any art pieces so i'm not going to do that. but art takes up a lot - of space. because usually you have to frame it. And frames can be big. Sometimes they are gilded or bronze, sometimes. and the frame can be expensive. for example the frame can be gilded, or it can be bronze.

I remember sandy and his friends telling me that they had agreed that what they were attracted to in a girl was the girl's life philosophy. Well i have to trust them - six well educated boys, all talking and agreeing together. I also remember them saying that there was a thing called "dude theory" in which dudes are different than bros or nerds cuz...but you will have to ask them...

particular life philosophies ive encountered Edit

one time i was at the southeast grind and i ended up sitting across from this guy who talked at me for about three hours straight. what he was saying was...

if you listen to people enough, you will probably find out their life philosophy. If you listen in a certain way, it will become ambiguous as to whether you either don't care at all or ...and that way you can dismiss it. You could also pounce on it, but I suggest you dismiss it. Even especially if you agree with it.

charlie told me about his life philosophy of humans versus humons Edit

of course the ultimate goal is not to have a life philosophy, so once someone tells you there's the jig is up. But the ultimate goal isn't always the ultimate goal the ideal life philosophy doesn't exist. this means that there is nothing that you tell yourself about life to make yourself feel better.

jake told me that we are always performing Edit

Matt told me about metaness that night we went to the lake. Edit

all of these times i was just thinking about hooking up with them. not necessarily the first touch or the first kiss, but the moment(s) after all that occurred where we might, (and hopefully would) think to ourselves "what the hell just happened? What are we doing this for? How did I get to this moment?" And then we would remember how it was that we got to that moment. one of us saw that it was alright to cross a boundary.

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