see sandy and my relationship ut whne u was younger, i used to want to pick certain things like action figures and always have multiples whereas he was consistently interested in choosing multiple qualities for one particular action figure/guy/ would imbue the same distinct unit with various qualities, making it the most... despite my being sort of generally worried that I did not do things this way, and certain attempts to convert myself to this sort of opinion, I maintained my tendency and yen for multiples of things that were perhaps cheap of unimportant by themselves, but gained traction as a group.

multiples, assembly lines, mechanisms, doughnuts, pink, idk etc.

pet peeves Edit

capitalization Edit

capitalization bothers me. It seems like an unnecessary addendum, it seems to have the quality of being guilty of over-explaining things and it does not seem necessary to expend energy (read: valuable in-text notation) that could be spent on something else that would be a bit more useful. I propose instead that we repurpose the practice of capitalization to mean something different. i have some ideas for what it could come to mean in the future:

  • especial importance
  • refers outside of related text

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