for the origin of the name "sophie Spincher," see Sophie Spincher. This page is about my name - it's origin, meaning, and alternative names I have tried in the past. To see "names" in general, check "names, and to see "changing names" check "name changes"

my parents named me

my name in social settings Edit

often people don't believe that is my real name. sometimes i tell them to think of the plant when they are trying to spell it, but i do not like to do that because i do not want to be associated with the plant because i do not think about the plant when i think about myself (maybe i would like to). i want that to be something they think about when they are thinking about me deeper.

common misspellings and uncommon misspellings Edit

At times I've let it go on and not corrected them for a long time. such as when I introduced myself to Jacob Hartmann and he thought my name was Sadie for a long time.

for some reason, despite that this is not a name, some people think that my name is actually "Stage," and, even more surprsingly, continue to call me this well past the point in our relationship when they should have figured out my name. The first time I remember this happening was when I was at one of those Renaissance Fair Events and they were putting on a play, and someone misheard my name as "Stage."

another common mishearing of my name is "Sandy," which is also my brothers name, and for some reason this happens, and I always wonder whether I should bring my brother up at that point.

a few days ago i was at the club and the guy thought my name was actually "Spage." I told him how could he think that since Spage didn't seem like a name and he said it was one in the ghetto, which i thought was unfair to blame it on me not understanding what the ghetto was like.

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