I got my zebra costume at the goodwill in middletown, CT when mommy came to visit me there at some point and wore it for a little while but not at any point for longer than a fortnight or a day or anything like that to be exact. I then wore it once more when I was in the hallway on the phone talking to Douglas Bernstein, and when Christopher Shaffer came over and I invited him to look in my costume box, that was one of the things that he picked out, though not necessarily the first one, or his favorite thing. It was, however, the thing I chose to wore into the next room, though not the thing I chose to wear when we eventually inevitably left the house and made our way to sweet lady jane. [Editor's note: It was however offered to you as an option to wear it to sweet lady jane],

The thing about the "costume" is that it's not actually my size; it's designed to fit a child, and therefore the "zebra" part of it comes to about just under my boobs, and if you pick your arms up at all, it becomes a little bit possible to see them. This was one of the items in my wardrobe that I really deliberated about a lot, wondering whether or not I should purchase it.