classified as a potential trick that we might be interested in demanding of ourselves (at any one particular time in the future), these are tricks which help us, like other tricks in applied instrumentalism, deal with the particularities of our general and/or particular mental landscape. this means that in order to access the full extent of our brain knowledge and reap its benefits, we can learn and have learned to put certain "tricks" in place, in a matter of, or in an order or sense of (trying to distinguish certain things from themselves).

for example, talking to ourselves can actually be thought of as a "neuro-linguistic"[1] trick

for example, the first time I visited brown, i walked in on a psychology class where they were discussing the party trick in which one doesn't absorb any information from other tables and is able to concentrate on the situation at hand, until they are faced with their name, and then they are allowed a seemingly special channel of extra knowledge. Studies showed that people actually were retaining some information coming from their non-engaged ear, and that even though it appeared they were simply trashing that information, in fact they were saving up some of it etc.

my brother does a similar thing which his friends make fun of him as an answering machine, in which he will repeat, sometimes multiple times, the last thing that has been said to him, "as though" cementing its place in a queue of things in his head with which he needs to deal with. (later) this points to the fact that he may have something which he considers superiorily important to the thing which is being said to him. While this may appear to be simply a function of eccentricity or quirky behavior, in fact it is a rather practical apparatus for dealing with (options, functions, and/or things) which may not be of immediately obvious substantial purpose.

coincidentally, the person who pointed this behavior out does a similar thing with their speech patterns, though perhaps somewhat opposite, perhaps also for the same purpose. this was pointed out to me by Nathan Marcus. When he is on a phone call Matthew Weisberg will repeatedly let the phone hover in midair, ostensibly for the purpose that he is not wanting to hear the other person at this time. Could this be a function of him trying to also have a conversation with himself at the time that this occurs? we'll have to go to the source to answer this question. Matthew - what is the meaning of this?

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