In an effort to efficiently organize the important information of my life into both manageable and non-repetitive chunks, I've elected to assign particular days to this sub page which also relates to other experience related informational sections such as moments, events, etc. The qualifications for a day being assigned to this page is the (idea) that there is so much notable information and/or stuff originating on this particular day that it would be impossible and/or impractical to try and categorize such a thing to it's fullest extent by making a list of moments and writing about them individually. One other advantage is that context need not be explained for each individual event, but rather can be inferred by reading about the day in it's entirety. It's important to note the distinction between information which might be categorized by the day it originated from, versus a day that was particularly notable in it's entirety, for some other reason. The difference is that one is noted for a quantity of interesting events which hit a certain threshold of importance, whereas the other has some quality that made that particular day as a whole elevate it's status through some other unrelated event or feeling/flavor that may have been associated with it

For a list of all the notable dates, see: notable days (list). Otherwise continue reading on in this page to discover certain ones that I have picked out as essential to highlight, and that you can read about it otherwise in certain continuing respects.

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