OCD is a thought disorder, characterized by persistent feelings of seemingly disconnected anxiety, resulting in unique or persistent compulsions to perform some sort of action or task.

I wanted to know what caused it, and how people discovered it, and how it was treated, and whether it

was hard to treat, and whether it was treated a long time ago. Lindsay Bergman wanted to know

whether we could get on with the therapy, and if someone had paid me to ask me so many questions.

She gave me simplified answers which simply left me with more questions. I didn’t realize there were

other ways of gaining information about OCD until 5 years later.

In 9 th grade, we were supposed to develop a powerpoint presentation…

At the same time, I became interested in art, and how you could become obsessed with something. I

realized that you could get your obsession out in this other way – through making art about it. All of my

art is about obsession. Someone told me as a compliment, that I somehow manage to make things that

others do not find interesting, or find disgusting and gross, to be…

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