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one of my favorite things is imaging that the moon is closer than it is

Personal Fetish, also known as brain bent, describes the specific [bent] that our brain has, towards particular kinds of things, particular subjects or categories, etc. For example, you might have noticed (if you are quite observant), that people tend to point out different things in conversations. In particular, the same people tend to point out the same particular thing(s). So while it may seem random that one person finds one meaning in a conversation and someone else finds another, it is quite the opposite, and the same people are going to continue to point out these things, because that is what they are interested in, and that is the bent of their brain...

examples Edit

my close friends is the easiest to reference in this regard, since I've come to know what they're interested in quite well over time. Each of them seems to find some general things funny or interesting, and then, consistently, the same particular things funny. Here are some examples, categorized by the people who hold them. This is most often seen in the jokes that they tend to tell[1], and sometimes seen in either the type of conversation that they decide to bring up, or else the part of a particular story, event, or thing etc. that they find interesting and/or worth talking about.

daddy Edit

my father consistently points out ways that we can make people have an intense epiphanical realization, in particular one that will denounce and disavow a particular way that they had been thinking before that

connecting over similar bent Edit

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often people who smoke weed together can connect over this fact, considering it is very likely an actually magical substance


a picture of where people share the bent. the red space in the middle is what their bents have in common. this often represents the types of jokes they are able to make together, that they will both find funny

  1. this is a poem

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