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The Procedure for this event was to randomly select pairs of people to discuss their 

there were certain lax requirements such as communicating with your partner at least once a day.


What Happened: We had a strange sort of ceremony thing, only because we didn't come up with any better way than the arduous process of everyone writing their number down on a piece of paper and throwing them into a hat, and then reading both numbers allowed and both people remaining anonymous and surreptitiously entering the numbers into their phone, and everyone whose numbers they weren't trying to figure out who the new pooping partners were and of course a lot of the numbers needed to be repeated, and there was the question of who would be the one to request the repeat. This part of the project took longer than expected.


Outcome: In terms of whether it worked or not, I don't have complete access to this information. I know that some people figured out who their pooping partner was, and that a few people complained that their partner was not texting them enough, or was texting them far too much, or even tried to make friends with them in that context, without presumably knowing their identity. These failures aren't necessarily failures of the experiment, and cannot necessarily be considered to hinder the overall success of the thing, especially because there was no particular goal, except to create something that was absolutely ridiculous and I think all of us in the group agreed that we did.

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