These are projects which I am in the long haul. Recall how you didn't want to start the textbook project when you were imagining it in that special bedroom that Cory and Parvati have, and instead elected to start a different, somewhat less involved project (I am in Myself (Book)), which combined elements of the textbook which was eventually to be started, in an effort to survive (the intense misery associated with starting a project that could take days, maybe weeks (actually years) to complete.

A.R.T. (Abstract Referral Technology) Edit

This is the current iteration of the project. In the past it has seen multiple stages of (completion) and therefore has not been seen by anyone, despite having gone on for an incredibly long period of time.

Some of the potential iterations in the past have been: the religious vending machine project, six yellow books that I designed (or tried to design) once while in Jon Storch's room when we were hanging out in there together (but he wouldn't stop talking for even a minute). Those were inspired by some yellow books that I saw in there.

sayings Edit

germination Edit

this project started when i was living with feather and joey and was also sort of insane or like had been affected by mushrooms or something. It's peak of my contributions to it were when I was at the center for no more meds

discussion about the project[1] Edit

i talked to sandy about the project on the phone while I was there, and we discussed the (obvious) topics of whether these were a) things that everyone expererienced (specific words or phrases that get stuck in your head. and also whether there was anything particular about the sayings which deemed them worthy of appearing in that category, and if so, how intrinsic to the saying was it, for example, was it related to style or substance?

now that i have no more chips, there's no reason to eat the rest
once i was done with the chips, there was no reason to eat the rest
(from that one time i had finished eating chips that made my thing taste really good. conflicts arise when there is question about whether any saying or almost any saying, might work just as well).

  1. either by me in my own mind, or else in a discussion with someone else. usually self-analysis is more common, while discussion with others is more heavily waited in my mind and in my consideration of the project (which is why I often avoid or am hesitant to enter into discussion about one of my projects with almost anyone)

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