A reverse gender roles relationship is a relationship in which the male and the female of the relationship switch places in regards to each other, however, they maintain their individual relationship. In this context, it means that the female will be performing in the typically male role and vice versa which could lead to the female being viewed as the one who wears the pants in the relationship, while the male might be considered the sexual being - the sought after one who plays hard to get in this particular circumstance/situation

Specific Gender Roles Edit

Examples/Instances of this type of Relationship Edit

One quality of this type of relationship that we get from media is the one between Ellen Page and Michael Cera in Juno, in which they seem to possess opposite gender roles when it comes to their relationship with each other, despite the fact that in their private life, they maintain the roles that they've been assigned, participating in typically considered gender-appropriate pursuits (Cera runs track in his free time while Page spends her time going to the mall with her girlfriends). However, when they come together, they allude to the fact that Page has all the power in the relationship while Cera is the one being desired by her, such as in the scene where they describe and discuss the sexual encounter that has taken place before the beginning of the movie in which one of them chose to engage in the sexual act or initiated it.

Areas of the Relationship that this Might Affect Edit

Initiation of Sexual Activities Edit

Playing Hard to Get Edit

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