rightness refers to the exterior something, whereas realness refers to the interior of something. this is not an interchangebale concept - it is rooted or cemented[1] we should start making our mental references match the surroundings which we are dealing with, at least accept and/or acknolwedge that we are going to keep them. appreciate the nice things about them. i am not being entirely facetious when i state that there are nice things about...see: my paintings of things like toilets and pavement, conor's "treatment" of the plastic bag") ; claus oldenberg seems to have found beauty in ugliness, if having the desire to represent something is any indication of such a feeling (and if it is, let it be towards something) towards something

simplified context "in context" (i'm not sure what the...should be for this one...)


Rightness is (also) about accessing particular parts of your brain which make you feel pleasure. This can also be an instrument for controlling a system, or “setting up a controlled system.”

Rightness can be about completing patterns. They can get a pattern to lead up to something which is right.

In the same way that one gets more and more turned on before one reaches orgasm, one can get lead up to a “right” part of his brain.

Rightness is related to masturbation  in that 1. You can induce it yourself, and 2. It feels good/is pleasurable in a very particular part of the brain.

Rightness leads to the sensation of getting somewhere. In reality,

All my life I’ve been waiting for something

Something never comes never leads to nothing

Nothing satisfies, but I’m getting close

Closer to the… at the end of the…

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