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abnormal behavior Edit

"I started spending the time just sitting there looking. I would look for about fifteen minutes and just nod off, go to sleep. I'd wake up after about five minutes, and I'd concentrate and look, just sort of mesmerize myself, and I' conk off again. It was a strange period. I'd go through days on end during which I'd be taking these little half hour, fifteen minute - twenty minute catnaps about every half hour - I mean all day long. I'd look for half an hour, sleep for half an hour, look for half an hour - it was a pretty hilarious sort of activity."[1]

a lot of the behavior we consider strange (has a common origin)

for example, talking to ourself can actually be thought of as a "neuro-linguistic"[2] trick

for example, the first time I visited brown, i walked in on a psychology class where they were discussing the party trick in which one doesn't absorb any information from other tables and is able to conconcetrate on the situation at hand, until they are faced with their name, and then they are allowed a seemingly special channel of extra knowledge. Studies showed that people actually were retaining some information coming from their non-engaged ear, and that even though it appeared they were simply trashing that information, in fact they were saving up some of it etc. my brother does a similar thing

  1. Weschler, Lawrence. Seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees. Los Angeles: University of California Press. 1982. Print.
  2. this is not so much an actual concept, but one that could be and might be and will be and should be invented

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