special things - these things tend to get me into trouble because people consistently do not understand that I am making a joke[1] and therefore think I'm either crazy or stupid. these are things such as the following

pretending that i do not understand what they meant Edit

9 times out of 10, this one does not seem like a joke and they end up thinking I'm actually just stupid, that or a realize it was strange that I understood it in the first place. My punishment is that I have to sit through them explaining it to me. That or attempt to explain to them my sense of humor, which would take longer and produce confusion rather than boredom (see: what is better: confusion or boredom? for the pros and cons of each).

I once did explain this persistent "joke"[2] that I had been making to people undercover for a while, the outcome being that he was more surprised that I had ulterior motives then...etc.

correcting them (pretending that they are wrong) Edit

referring to things that are not true Edit

this humor style works well the more specific the thing is. (this is because it makes it more believable).[3]

on the other hand, there are things that i say which seem to be jokes but, in fact actually aren't[4].

  1. :(
  2. can it really be considered a joke if no one but myself understands it? that remains to be seeen...
  3. tabs
  4. Steve Herrington once said (when we were sitting outside the Southeast Grind) that I sometimes make "jokes" that seem like jokes but actually arent' jokes, and then muttered that he thinks he does the opposite: says things that don't sound like jokes, but actually are.

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