Smallville is a show on the CW in which Clark Kent who is eventually to become super man, grows up in a small town, and eventually faces many demons which are the product of the large store of kryptonite that came to the town during the meteor shower when he was three years old (and which also brought him). This show was first brought to my attention by Nicole Wong, who I watched it religiously with until it's eventual demise after season seven. I also showed it to my mother and my brother, and we spent a happy Spring Break watching episode after episode of the entire season which my mother bought for me at costco as a christmas present. As well as the obvious appeal of Superman's actor Tom Welling, being overwhelmingly attractive, the show holds a slightly larger appeal in that he comes in contact with a number of villains who are in strange predicaments having highly specialized abilities. As the show progresses, he ultimately is forced to make some morally ambiguous decisions when, for example, a girl falls in love with him and he must choose whether to save her, or to save himself from the red kryptonite which renders him incapable of making his own or good decisions. One episode in particular became relevant to my life in the future, which was the one where he is imprisoned in a mental hospital and has to make the choice whether to undergo a terrible procedure that would get rid of his mind completely, and listen to his accomplice Lana who is encouraging him to do it, or whether to break out under the insane methods of a fellow patient, John the lantern, who talks to him.

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