who knows what caused me to think these particular things were so special. one things for sure - i didn't want to spend my money on anything that didn't fit into this category - small "mechanically accurate" representations of real life objects. These were the only things I bought, as reminisced by that one time where sandy came home thinking that i would help him purchase a pokemon movie dvd. i couldn't imagine what could have transpired at the video store to cause them such delusion about what might transpire at home.

one thing's for sure - i was not going to let rebecca handle these special objects of mine. rebecca couldn't remember to keep the caps on markers, so she did not deserve to handle objects i considered special. i kept them in various boxes at different times. It was never that I necessarily liked the boxes or the things inside them that much - it was just that for whatever reason i felt these things fit in there, and I liked having a box that i considered special, evidenced by the "special" things that were inside of it. once rebecca and i fought over who would recieve the magical "books" figurine, which was three books stacked on top of each other, and who would be left with the other two - a bagel and a light bulb. She won the books and then immediately lost them, much to my dismay. Curious about the situation was what made it so clear that we both preferred the books, and how had we settled on this obviously unfair trade to both of us, despite the fact that one person was getting two items and the other person one, however the two items seemed somehow negligible, barely categorizable as a consolation prize. I still have those objects; the books are nowhere to be found.

Specialness is not equivalent

specialness is not equivalent

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