Spencer used to just want to talk. She would say "just tell me about your day" when I might say what do u want to talk about. We would go wandering around the school, we'd spend our lunch walking around the rotunda a while other people were playing soccer on the field or sitting in circles.

One day I read a book called guitar girl where there was a mention of sex. I told her about it and suddenly she was interested. Even though she was never interested in things I had to tell her. I told her to be aware of chapter 12. I remember reading the book for the first time in the car on a trip and it said simply "they shagged" and it took me a bit to figure out what that meant. But it got me really turned on and it was a secret thing a secret pleasure. She said she'd gotten the book the next day and she liked chapter twelve.

One time she got a new pair of shoes. They were short boots that looked like Aries cause they were held back in the back. She was so proud of them and she was also being mean to me that day and acting like she was better than me. I told her they were nothing special. She was like "are you kidding" and she asked Caitlyn and Caitlyn said they'd ere nothing special too. I could tell that she was really let down because she had been so excited about them and I almost felt bad and I had the impulse to tell her, no they're actually pretty cool. I could see how they might be considered cool even though they didn't seem particularly cool to me. But I felt rather justified. It was also interesting that she valued someone else's opinion so much more than mine and that is part of the reason I felt vindicated.

One day spencer and I were sitting next to each other at a gathering. There was a cart in the middle of the aisle and it was pretty big and made it a little hard to see the stage where there were drums and other instruments because a band was getting ready to perform. I said "it's annoying that they have that thing here." And she got soo angry with me and said I didn't understand anything and I could not understand why she was angry. Finally we talked about it more and it turned out she thought I meant they shouldn't have the drums on the stage like they were just some tool and not the main attraction. It showed me that she didn't think I understood stuff very well. I didn't have any particular interest in the drums but I also would never make a comment like that because I had an intuitive understanding of how performances worked and why people might be interested in seeing drums.

One time a woman came to our house to bring us the new captain underpants book and spencer took it home with her, she hid it in her backpack. She told me the next day that she thought we had been giving it to her. I remember this experience most because my mom talked about it a lot, flabbergasted as she was that someone would do something like that.

I remember one day Scott called me to his desk to ask if I knew anything about someone's magazine that had gone missing from their cubby and asked me whether Spencer had taken it. Spencer had not told me anything about the magazine so I said I didn't know. I was shocked that he thought I would tell on her or just that he would invite such an interaction. I might have asked her whether she took it and she was a little touchy because I think Scott might have asked her too.

I told Scott that I liked to write stories in my free time. One day I handed Scott the sacred magenta journal where I had written a few different stories. He gave it back to me a few days later with yellow post it notes on the stories saying which ones he liked and what I might want to do with them. I feel conflicted about what happened next. I told him that I hadn't wanted him to put post it notes. I suppose I had just wanted to show them to someone. I felt like he was treating them like a piece of schoolwork and they were very personal and I showed them to him because I liked him. He felt bad because it must have taken him considerable effort to read all the stories and out the post it notes in them and I wasn't appreciative.

I remember thinking that Scott was "a perfect person" and everyday that I came to class, thinking how everything he did confirmed it. One day he put us all on the rug for a meeting and the point of the meeting was to talk about our use of the finger. He said "I'm not mad." And I remember thinking that broke the record of his perfection. It seemed such a contrived thing to say. I didn't understand why he would care about an issue like this. I had thought he was different than other teachers who always got mad at us for things that seemed dumb. I felt it didn't make sense for a teacher to get mad at us all at the same time anyway, especially because only. Few of us were involved and I for one didn't even know what he was talking about. During the meeting, Jackson put his middle finger to scratch his eye and Scott said he was flicking Frankie off and sent him to the office. It seemed so improbably mischievous  that Jackson had actually done that that I wondered if he had made a mistake and Jackson was just scratching his eye. Jackson got yo and went to the principles office.

The other time I remember with Scott is the time that he made me rewrite a little essay three times because each time I wrote it single spaced and it was supposed to be double. It was strange because he might have assumed I was messing up deliberately since he made it very clear each time the change I had to make but I for the life of me could not remember to make it double spaced I just got lost in the act of rewriting it and ended up copying it exactly.

One time Spencer and I compiled a list which matched each girl in our grade with a boy. We did it based on who we thought would go best together. We did some research by asking people who their crushes were, I remember one day being in the bathroom with Hannah and Jonathan and Hannah was extremely embarrassed about telling us who her crush was but spencer persisted. It has that warm embarrassed feeling, I think for all of us. We finalized the list. Jackson who everybody had a crush on was paired with spencer herself, and Frankie because that just seemed so likely. She was very popular and we figured if anyone would date Jackson it would be her. I liked Ben but I'm not sure I even put myself with him. Spencer might have encouraged me to be with someone else who she thought I was more likely to be with, namely jack. One day we were by then goal during PE and I was next to both Hannah and jack and one of them asked me who they were paired with on our list and I think they were paired with each other and I told them and they both seemed flustered and I felt strange for having the power to cause his emotion for them since I had only constructed a list for no reason. After we were done making the list, people found out about it and wanted to see it but we kept it a secret. It was just on a lined piece of paper. Frankie came up to us during snack one day and we were sitting on the concrete bench together and she asked to see the list. We knew that because it was Frankie asking, we had to show it to her so Spencer left me where I was sitting and brought it to her where she was standing a few feet away and then returned to sit next to me. Frankie looked at the whole lists r about five minutes, and then handed it back to us and didn't say anything.

One day in third grade before spencer and I were friends, I won the competition inside. I was sitting by myself on some concrete and Spencer came up and asked me questions about winning and I knew that she was drawn to me only because of the competition and thought how it had brought me friends.

Two more times with spencer: there was the time when I walked into the restroom and as usual Juliet and Rebecca and Spencer and Vivi were standing in the sink area talking about whatever the fuck. They didn't have really power over me anymore so I went to use the bathroom in the toilet part and Spencer needed to use it too and she came to the toilet area and made one of those noises right before you poop when she was in the stall. I said "eww." And was impressed for making it sound like I was actually disgusted but the noise had been surprising and I could just feel that she was mortified and everyone else in the bathroom laughed. That was the day that she took my PE shorts and there them into the trash can in the hallway and there had been coffee in the trash so they got all wet and I couldn't wear them. I brought them to the deans office and he was very serious about it. I wondered whether I should be getting them in so much trouble because he made it seem like it was a very big deal. But I was also concerned about that he would even believe me.

A few days later spencer apologized to me on the stairs and I immediately accepted her apology. I think I said "thank you for apologizing." I was so impressed that she had actually apologized because she sounded sincere about it and she had never come close to apologizing for anything in all the years I had known her.

In sixth grade, Spencer sometimes treated me by pretending I was her friend. One day we walked to the library together and she had an iPod and she wanted me to put the other head phone in my ear. There was a strange tension between her seeming to want this temporary intimacy so badly that she acted like I might not want to put it in my ear, like I was doing her a favor, and the fact that I knew she would be mean to me probably later that day. She turned on all these songs and wanted to tell me about them and said "sorry, I have music add" because she kept changing the song, and saying "oh yeah, this one is by the doors" as if I cared who it was by or had any reference at all. I also thought it was funny that she apologized for keeping on changing the song. I don't think I cared.

One day in Geoffs class, she was uber excited about a song by that artist that Blake likes. So excited that she showed me the music video before class. I said I liked it but I didn't understand why she thought it was so amazing. She was at first excited that I liked it so much but I didn't want to mislead her so I said that I did like it but I didn't see what was so special about it. She was flabbergasted with this reaction and seemed to think there was no way I would not be blown out of the water by the song. I had trouble deciding how much I should make it seem like I liked it.

If our relation involved some sort of tension or there were multiple interpretations of events or our relationship went back and forth between two different ways for example the power dynamic wasn't ever defined or kept flip flopping. That for some reason, at some point, presented a mystery to me

You say anecdote I say antidote

All the things I remember for one person. People I want to profile: Spencer, Charlie, Siddhartha, Thomas, Alex Vandertol, Jennie, Andrew Castaneda, curran Hennessy, Becky Belinsky, Conor Thompson, daphna, David arbit, David westgate, matt, Esther Kim, Nicole Wong, Gabriel Bennet, Gabriel charlan Hayes, Grisha, Hannah brotman, jake gadbaw, jake Philips, Jake rosenbloom, Jake Schievink, Jim krusoe, Lindsay Barlow, Lorien, Miriam shestack, Sarah Weisberg

spencer hyde was a fairly mean bitch who took up a lot of my time. highlights with her was:

when she was very excited when i showed her guitar girl and told her to turn to chapter twelve where it mentions that they "shagged on the carpet" which apparently excited us both.

when she wasn't good at trading

incidents Edit

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