Stefani Feldman is a friend I had with Rebecca Mazur in middle school. There was sort of a question of who would make friends with me first, considering that Stefani and Rebecca had already become friends before this, but I eventually I think made friends with Rebecca a little more, and Stefani transferred to a different school the following year.

notable incidents Edit

lemonade fight Edit

visiting her sick aunt in the hospital Edit

was apparently a guise so they could talk about their potential impending trip to Yosemite which they planned on going to together but couldn't tell me about because there was only room for one other person. When our friendship disbanded, I was chosen over Stefani and went, only to have a terrible time because I was convinced that the terrible reality of Groundhog Day had set in and I was going to be repeating the same day over and over and over again partially because one of my parents had called to tell me that American Idol had been on that day and I believed it to be Wednesday and that American Idol was only on on Tuesday, when in fact, American Idol is on two days in a row: one for all the people to sing, and another for them to submit the results.

Penis Sandwich Edit

At some point Stefani told me, during one of the rare times that we were by ourselves, that her brother had been bullied horrifically by the kids at their previous school. She claimed that some of his "friends" had ejaculated into a sandwich he was going to or about to eat and then that they had not told him about it.

I did not really understand what she was telling me, having literally no experience with anything in the sexual realm, and came to believe that his friends had somehow stuck their actual penis(es) into the sandwich and fed it to him.

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