often tabs are placed on things in situations in which...

what are tabs:

tabs introduce us to something/help us to (pick something up and) put it in a particular category. If there are tabs on a certain thing, that means we can *diagnose it as a particular kind of concept, and therefore we can put it in a particular category, and that is why, and it would be possible for it, to play with itself, and that would be nice and that would be because of itself.

(((god as something just conventient to refer to - reference to - often the things that are convenient to refer to happen to be the right thing (do not be alarmed)

way that you decide to present information Edit

i (realized that this information was not meant to be presented in a normal book, in the sense that i didn't want people to have the opportunity to disagree with it[1], so i decided to present it as a textbook so that the information could be automatically accepted and therefore it would fit into the category of having to be learned, however I hoped that there would still be some questioning of the information considering i don't actually have any qualifications to be writing that kind of thing...however...and eventually i saw that it wasn't even a textbook that i was meant to be writing, but an encyclopedia - which has the connotation of a list of information compiled through the ages and generally accepted as a correct by a number of people in a lot of different fields. i felt that mine would be inversely proportional to an actual encyclopedia, and "used it for it's connotations" because I didn't want to have the actual weight of writing information that people would accept as true kind of automatically.)

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