against teachers Edit

against friends Edit

against authority figures Edit

policemen - i said, when i was getting arrested

mental health workers

people came up to me later to tell me that i had won

see: that thing chris showed me about the guy telling jokes

retroactive pattern manipulation in general

rebecca came back and told me i was right about the thing

conor told me that it was alright that i came in late because he noticed i also stayed late for the same amount of time. he also said it was wrong of him to say that he didn't like radiohead and wilco, i assume he must've attributed the staleness in our relationship to this, as there is no other reasonable explanation for why he would have thought this was a big enough thing to point out after a weekend had gone by between the time of the first comment.

charlie said i was right that he had broken the rules we set out for our trip, but for no particular reason was able to dismiss this information, and it led to no further developments. He also told me that I was right about what i was saying about the argument we had when we were sitting on top of that rock when we took a break from our hike.

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