this article refers to the concept of valuable, and relates to all things that are or can be considered in the category of valuable. for (value vs. invaluable (paradox), see: that)

often things that might normally

instances of CI (counterintuitivity)[1] Edit

times when something is either

extra notation: "why won't it click?" things that are of this category have the code:

<br> etc. 

to make it both blue but not refer to anything, and alsohave the span title of "this actually cannot be clicked on, it is an example f something that exists as a reference but it is not a reference itself. this could be for 1 of 2 reasons: either i do not wish to provide this information to you in particular, or you, thepublic, or I either have not written it yet which implies that i will at some future date write it, or I do not plan to write it, just want you to know and/or acknolwedge that this is a term or reference that can be looked up. in fact, i encourage you to look it up. this is to distinguish between things that are red which means i am currently intending to write a page on them...such as (juliet spies gans, because i do not want to write a page on her ecause it is too hard or i do not care too much. juliet is an exmaple of the firt reason, and charlie is an example of the second i.e. i do not feel like giving infomration about this (exterior) subjecta this time...

sometimes there are times where you may think - there is extra disticntion, or note enough. the fact that there is both kinds of things might clue you in or exclude the potential reaosning that i am either lazy or overindulgent[2], and i state here, though you may not have found this page when you are making your considerations about the intentions of such a thing

this page does not seem to exist. either it was deleted or else created in the first place. Note this error message is atypical meaning it has been written specifically for this page. For all intensive purposes, it is not a "real" error messages, but for all intensive pruposes it is a real error message, but for all intensive purposes it is not a real error message. Although it seems that this is a standardized code, perhaps put in all the places that conform to a certain set of qualifications =, i actually coded this part of this page myself, and I did it uniquely. and if you don't believe me: here is the code right here...

here is the code...

note that this is an example of "creative officiation" or: "academic perfidy" (that which sam cortese appears to be studying in school)...see also: formula played with, in: Humor (styles)

  1. this concept was acknowledged or presented to me by Michael when we were at that vegan food cart this subheading refers to (things)... in this case, ones in which the valueableness of a particular entity comes into question either because it is not considered valuable enough or it is considered too valueable. this sction of the thing explains why, in some circumstances and/or situations, things are...
  2. what i really mean is: excessively obsessed with..., but i chose to write over-indulgent because i think that plays with the style and is interesting/fits quite nicely. note other ways that i've chosen to present myself in this text and i think you'l find your answer...

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