Weird Life, Normal Life is a board game which can be played by one or more people, in which the players learn to categorize potential lifestyles as either Weird or Normal based on or depending on the category of which they think [that life] is or should be associated.[1]

history Edit

germination Edit

The idea was thunk up[2] once in a car coming back from some place.[3] (afterwards i [ran home to write it down]

precipitous industrial study Edit

i mentioned the idea to doug in a bar once and he didn't believe me that it could actually be an art piece, and much less a game. i mentioned the idea of games that ddidn't need to exactly and/or certainly be trying to get to something or be about something. and he also didn't believe me. and that was the case, and it was for the particular circumstance that....

description Edit

components or pieces of the game Edit

  • cards. each card describes the individual characteristics of one life - this information including or answering the questions of a) how that person will sustain themselves b) where that person will live c) how the person will occupy their time and d) an inference about what their mindset might be. this last thing is only inferred, and cannot be included in the text of the card itself.
  • two glass or plastic figurines which are designed to hold signs on which each of the lives will be placed. so far in production of the project, the cards are not intrinsically related to the statues, but a mechanical apparatus, demonstrating or detailing the relationship between cards and people, and therefore, lives and their insertable lifestyles (which is much different from the generalized insertive entity and formulaic presence)

theory Edit

Tom Laichas[4] once said that before the 20th century, to describe what someone did in their daily life and how they treated it and how they managed to survive as a "lifestyle" would be laughably inaccurate, because of the [purpose] that people did not necessarily or ordinarily choose such a thing, but rather it was decided for them based on the essence of the place they were and the materials with which they were naturally provided.

Here is an example of someone's weird life that i found in a prediculous[5] literature.

In response to his own question of how to make an artwork not refer to anything, Robert Irwin says:

"I started spending the time just sitting there looking. I would look fora bout fifteen minutes and just nod off, go to sleep. I'd wake up after about five minutes, and I'd concentrate and look, just sort of mesmerize myself, and I' conk off again. It was a strange period. I'd go through days on end during which I'd be taking these little half hour, fifteen minute - twenty minute catnaps about every half hour - I mean all day long. I'd look for half an hour, sleep for half an hour, look for half an hour - it was a pretty hilarious sort of activity."

prediculous - a ridiculous predicament

  1. taking the liberty of not actually saying anything - using the ridiculous built in format of structures like this to not actually say anything - to leave it open to interpretation or completely and wholly ambiguous (ambiguous to a large degree (and/or) extent. Note the paradox of official vs. unofficial
  2. a new word that i created - the only exact word that will fit for this particularly non-ordinary nor extraordinary - situation. the "right" word for a situation such as this, in which someone is thinking of a category for at hing, and there is to think of it, and to do it and/or handle it, just as so, or just like this...
  3. I think a lot of the information was lost on the transition between getting out of the car and going into the house. Afterwards I sat on the blue couches and tried to write all of it down but some of it was lost. In addition, this think up session was accompanied by the strange predicament of not being sure whether this completely new idea could entirely be as valuable as it was thought to be - as it would seem, solely because of the apparent ease with which it was thought of, and beyond that, the strange, incapable-seeming, situation that it was creathed or breathed upon...[and/or] created upon.
  4. my tenth grade history teacher, president of S.O.U.L club - a club dedicated to the introduction and enforcement of human rights in countries other than our own. Two of my friends were also part of this club: jamie bando and miriam shestack
  5. a ridiculous predicament (see: glossary)

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